Large Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink Profiles

Large Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink Profiles

1) Products description 3) Quality Policy Achieving our Mission will be a direct result of our Company’s Quality Improvement Culture. Our Culture is a product of each individual employee’s attitudes and conduct. Each employee is obligated to: 1. Manufacture products to established requirements,...

Product Details

1) Products description

Product name

large extruded aluminum heat sink profiles


Aluminum alloy ADC12

Working Process

lnjection mold→Die Casting Raw Material → Trimming → Deburring →CNC turning → Tumbling→ package → Shipping,etc.

Available facilities for this product

Eight sets Die Casting machine(From160T to 1000T)

Four sets advanced  CNC machining centers (3axis,4axis,CNC machine center)

Twenty sets CNC Lathes, 2sets drilling machines, etc.

Good Inspection


X-ray Detector, CMM inspection machine, Spectrum Meter, Imaging Measurement Instrument, etc.

Surface Treatment


Product weight



Diagnosis Equipment, Hospital machines, Medical devices,  marine & ship equipment, Telecommunication, Textile Industry, etc


Inner packaging:1PCS/ color box Outside Packaging:18pcs/carton.32 Cartons/wooden case




3) Quality Policy

Achieving our Mission will be a direct result of our Company’s Quality Improvement Culture. Our Culture is a product of each individual employee’s attitudes and conduct. Each employee is obligated to:

1. Manufacture products to established requirements, or cause the requirements to officially change.

2. Know the authorized written procedures for their job.

3. Not knowingly pass on defective work to our internal or external customers.

4. Be responsible for defect elimination in all we do.

5. Be responsible for delivering our work on time.

6. Actively participate in training to support quality improvement in our products, processes, and services.


3)American Manufacturers of Aluminum Die Cast Heat Sinks, Parts & Materials

AIKEHAN Die Casting is your headquarters for innovative die cast heat sinks. Utilizing our superior die casting processes and technology, we can manufacture aluminum thermal heat sinks and heat sink parts to fit your specifications and design. Our goal is to provide you with superior aluminum heat sinks and parts at affordable prices.

Our ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing and quality management process makes Premier a leading heat sink manufacturer and allows us to bring design expertise and support to meet your custom needs. Contact us directly for a free estimate of your custom work and see how our six-acre plant makes us one of America’s best aluminum heat sink manufacture

What Are Die Cast Heat Sinks?

Aluminum die cast Heatsinks are used to cool various electronic components and devices. We can provide companies, suppliers, and individuals with die cast heat sinks in a variety of applications, including:

· Circuit boards (PC boards): Our aluminum heat sinks can provide a highly effective heat management process for circuit boards by providing a precise combination of vertical and horizontal cooling. Various thicknesses and customized forms are also easily achievable.

· High powered lasers: We can produce electronically controlled heat sinks for high-powered laser diodes that offer superior temperature control and high-heat flux-handling capabilities.

· Fixtures, housings & LED (light emitting diode) boards: Premier is your source for heat sinks that provide effective cooling solutions for LED light sources. We can manufacture customized aluminum heat sinks that are lightweight, require little in the way of structural support and suitable for high-volume production processes.

· Audio equipment: We manufacture heat sinks that are essential equipment for audio amplifiers that can effectively dissipate output transistor heat.

· Automotive equipment: Turn to Premier for the manufacturing of heat sinks for automotive electronic equipment that enables high-density components to operate at stable temperatures over a wide spectrum of ambient conditions. Heat load temperatures can be controlled electronically.

· Communication equipment (such as cellular & satellite devices): We’re also leading aluminum heat sink manufacturers for various types of communication equipment that is lightweight and offers excellent resistance against corrosion.

· Any application where heat is generated and needs to be removed: Regardless of your application, you can trust Premier to develop a customized heat sink that can meet your requirements. We’ll work closely with you to design and manufacture the best solution for your needs and budget.



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