Casting Performance and Application Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Castings

- Jul 10, 2017-

Aluminum alloy castings in the course of the use of other castings can not be compared to the advantages of the product quality is very light and beautiful, aluminum alloy castings in the use of the process has a very good corrosion resistance advantages, so very much by its vast number of users Favored.

Aluminum alloy castings, especially in the automotive lightweight, since such products in the automotive industry has been more widely used in the use of the casting of its density is compared to its cast iron and cast steel is small, but the high strength of its products, Aluminum alloy castings can be used under the same load conditions.

The surface of the aluminum alloy cast is very luster, the product in the atmosphere and talk about the water has a very good corrosion resistance of the performance, so this product in the manufacture of civilian utensils, has a wide range of uses, pure aluminum in acetic acid and acetic acid and other oxidizing acid Class of media has good corrosion resistance.

Aluminum alloy castings in the manufacturing process has a good casting performance, in use because of its melting point is relatively low, so this product can be widely used in metal and pressure casting and other casting methods, which can be a certain degree of effective Improve the quality of castings.

Aluminum alloy casting in the use of the process has its many advantages, so that the product can make the casting industry as the direction of development and procurement of customers one of the most popular casting products, the future will be with the aluminum alloy technological progress, will The larger stage to show their style.

Aluminum alloy castings in the study of alkaline polishing solution system, compared with the viscosity agent, corrosion inhibitor polishing effect, in the use of the success of the polishing effect has been very good alkaline solution system, and for the first time can be reduced Operating temperature, to a certain extent, extend its service life.