How did the die cast deformed?

- Jul 10, 2017-

The overall or partial geometry of the die cast and the design and production of the finished product does not match, it is called deformation.


There are several reasons for the deformation:

1. Die casting structural design is not good, caused by uneven shrinkage


2. Die casting mold temperature is high, the hardness of the mold itself is not enough, the cooling time is insufficient


3. Mold setting position is unreasonable, deflection


4. Die-casting parts have sticky mold


5. The temperature difference between the different parts of the cavity is very large and the cooling is not uniform



1. Improve the structure of the workpiece, so that the thickness of the inner wall of the mold increases


2. Increase the cooling time and reduce the mold temperature


3. Mold position adjustment, top to ensure balance


4. Remove sticky molds


5. Die casting mold temperature control is reasonable to ensure that the overall temperature of the cavity is almost balanced