How to avoid contamination of aluminum castings

- Jul 10, 2017-

We usually use the aluminum castings will find the surface of the product sometimes there will be white spots, in fact, such a situation is mainly because of its product organization loose and the frequency of the gap is relatively high, which contains more non- Metal and metal debris, so the surface of the oxide film quality is relatively bad to ensure that today Xiaobian mainly talk about how the product to avoid contamination, interested friends and Xiaobian together to see it!

In the impact of high-voltage current, the product in the early stages of oxidation will be used when the high voltage, some of the original where the impurities are also large current connected together, the surface of the product when grinding, grinding down the aluminum can be filled There is a gap in the place, but sometimes also can not achieve the role of filling, because some of the aluminum in the anodic oxidation process was corrosion and fall off. The product before the use of shot peening method to use a round hammer knock, so you can beat the gap to reach the closed state to make it into one, the use of the results is very good.