How to choose the right lighting for you?

- Oct 18, 2017-

Choose appropriate lighting, you can better display their own style, but also to beautify the role of space, how to choose lighting, there are some suggestions to share

1. exposed bulbs, suitable for a variety of space

The restaurant, cafe or bar space decoration, such as chandeliers, industrial inherent minimalism and Danxian hanging lamp combination, make the space has a story, of course, small households are suitable for modern. The color of the metal suspension tube is entirely chosen by the individual, and the replacement of the bulb is more simple.

Back bulb, a good way to create country wind

Rural wind is lighting rusty, round bright dazzling shade on the light bulb, overhead sloshing, elongated figure, cast on the wall of the deep meaning, do not have to buy a new set of extra waste chimney, old radiator, pulley and wire basket can be regarded as an antique lamp appearance.

Manually turning old objects into lighting is much simpler than fantasy.

The industrial air lighting in the kitchen, every time you see industrial lighting lamps, you will think of your own kitchen, if you install it, will not be very beautiful?. The size of the selected lighting really annoying, like clusters of small bulbs will make home is very warm, but not to feel cautiously atmospheric headlamps.

Industrial wind lamps

No single space, if you have a restaurant, who should take away the same lighting "hate" is too intense, but often a single restaurant lighting is indeed sad boring. Special industrial pendants link the end of the world with industrial data, because it serves as a bridge between two distinct personalities.

Modern lamps lighting, building a variety of personality

The beauty is that they are very all-match chandeliers, can be easily integrated into any individual, whether it is still the attic room, you will find that they do not seem so cold

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