How to solve the aluminum alloy die castings in the lack of water ?

- Jun 15, 2018-

For aluminum alloy die castings, no matter what way to make it, the surface of aluminum alloy die castings will have some quality defects more or less, among which the more obvious is the phenomenon of cold septa and underfill, which will greatly It has the quality of aluminum alloy die castings. In order to further improve the quality of aluminum alloy die castings, the relevant processes need to be upgraded and optimized to eliminate various defects.


Aluminum alloy die casting

Solve the defects of casting and cold septum defects in aluminum alloy die castings:

First, the cold insulation phenomenon of aluminum alloy die castings

The so-called cold-separation phenomenon is caused by the surface tension of the aluminum alloy die castings, which causes the aluminum in two different directions to flow to the same place to not fuse well, resulting in undesirable phenomena. Through observation, it can be found that there is generally a dent in the cold junction, and the edges are rounded and smooth.

Second, the lack of pouring aluminum alloy die casting

This is due to the fact that the aluminum liquid fails to completely fill the casting, making the shape of the large aluminum alloy die casting incomplete, and this problem often occurs at a position further away from the gate.

Third, the causes of aluminum alloy die casting defects and solutions

The root cause of these two defects of aluminum alloy die castings is the poor fluidity of aluminum liquid, which is related to the low pouring temperature, improper proportion of gating system size or section, insufficient static head, slow pouring speed, and medium breaks. Flow and fire, mold permeability and other factors related to poor.

In order to prevent the occurrence of insufficient casting and cold insulation defects in aluminum alloy die castings, on the one hand, it is possible to strengthen the control of the smelting quality of molten aluminum and improve its fluidity; and the casting temperature can be properly selected, and the casting speed can be appropriately increased. Uniform and continuous flow; On the other hand, when designing the gating system, the distance traveled in the mold should not be too long. At the same time, attention should be paid to the exhaust of the mold. If necessary, an exhaust gas riser can be designed.

Through the above measures to deal with defects in aluminum alloy die castings, we can prevent aluminum alloy die castings from separating cold and insufficiency, and reduce product quality defects.