In which industries can aluminum alloy die castings be applied?

- Oct 22, 2018-

What products can be made by aluminum die casting? Aluminum alloy die-casting parts can be manufactured as aluminum die-casting auto parts, aluminum die-casting automobile engine pipe fittings, aluminum die-casting engine cylinders, aluminum die-casting gasoline engine cylinder heads, aluminum die-casting valve rocker arms, aluminum die-casting valve bearings, aluminum die-casting power fittings, aluminum die-casting Motor end cover, aluminum die-cast housing, aluminum die-casting pump housing, aluminum die-casting construction fittings, aluminum die-casting decorative fittings, aluminum die-casting railing fittings, aluminum die-casting aluminum wheels and other parts.

Aluminum alloy die castings are widely used in non-ferrous metal die castings, castings, aluminum profiles, automotive parts, machinery manufacturing, hardware, pump and valve industry surface treatment. Mainly focused on the surface of the product scale, edge surface burrs, rough surface Chemical, matt suburban fruit, leveling strengthening, derusting treatment. Stainless steel balls commonly known as stainless steel wire cutting pills, using brushing, cutting, throwing and other processes refined, the appearance of bright rust-free, round beads. Aluminum alloy die-casting parts have moderate hardness, pure components and large coverage. Because they do not have the shortcomings such as pores and special shapes of ordinary cast steel shots, their service life is longer. The performance of this product can completely replace imported products, and the price is very low. In the imported products, the cost is saved for the customers. After the stainless steel pellets are treated, the surface of the castings is smooth and rust-free, and it is not necessary to carry out post-treatment such as pickling, which is beneficial to environmental protection.