Precision cnc parts processing process

- Sep 28, 2018-

First of all, before the CNC parts are processed, it is necessary to clearly understand the contents of the process, clearly know the parts, shapes, drawings and dimensions of the workpiece and know the processing contents of the next process.

 Before processing the raw materials, the blank size should be measured to meet the requirements of the drawings. Care must be taken to check whether the placement is consistent with the programmed instructions.

 After the rough processing of the machining process is completed, self-test should be carried out in time to adjust the data with errors in time. The self-test content is mainly the position size of the processed part.

    (1) Whether there is looseness during the processing of mechanical parts;

    (2) Whether the part processing technology is correct or not;

    (3) Whether the size of the CNC machining part to the reference edge (reference point) meets the requirements of the drawings;

    (4) The positional size of the cnc processing parts relative to each other. The roughened shape ruler is measured after the position size has been checked (except for the arc).

  After the parts have been confirmed by roughing, they are finished. Before the finishing, the shape and dimension of the drawing part are self-checked: the basic length and width dimensions of the processing part of the vertical surface are detected; the base point size marked on the drawing is measured on the processing part of the inclined surface. After completing the self-test of the parts and confirming that they conform to the drawings and process requirements, the workpieces can be removed and sent to the inspector for special inspection. In the case of encountering precision cnc parts processing small batch parts processing, the first piece must be confirmed after passing the batch processing.