The density of aluminum alloy castings is small and the use of the chemical industry

- Jul 10, 2017-

Aluminum alloy castings in the course of the use of other castings there is no way to compare the advantages of the product quality is very light and the appearance of more beautiful, the use of aluminum castings is very popular with its users, especially since the weight of the car, the casting industry In the automobile production has been very widely used.

Aluminum alloy casting density than cast steel and cast iron density is small, the product in use when its strength is very high, so the product under the same load conditions using its aluminum alloy castings, can effectively reduce the weight of its structure, so in the Transport machinery and power machinery manufacturing has been very widely used.

Aluminum alloy castings have a very good and shiny surface, the product in the water and the atmosphere has a relatively good corrosion resistance of the performance, so the product in the manufacture of civilian utensils also has a wide range of uses, pure aluminum in nitric acid oxidizing acid In a good corrosion resistance.

Aluminum alloy castings in the chemical industry also has a certain purpose, under normal circumstances aluminum or pure aluminum has a very good thermal conductivity, so this product in the chemical production of its use of heat exchange devices and power machinery also has a good Of the thermal conductivity of the parts.

Aluminum alloy casting in the casting process has a very good casting performance, but because of its product melting point is relatively low, so the product pouring temperature under normal circumstances can reach 750 degrees, so in order to widely use its metal and pressure casting Casting method, which can improve the intrinsic quality of its castings.

Aluminum alloy castings have many advantages, so it can effectively become the direction of its casting industry and customers prefer to cast one of the products, the future of aluminum alloy casting technology continues to progress, the product will be displayed on a larger stage Own style.