The impact of die-casting mold a few characteristics

- Jul 10, 2017-

Die-casting mold thermal force is to allow mold to stabilize the basic conditions, for the mold is concerned, the following several characteristics can cause a greater impact.

The accuracy of the production of die-casting mold: If the heat force in the process, the excess force will make the die casting mold in the subsequent production of the consequences of deformation, thereby reducing the accuracy of die-casting mold, serious when there is the risk of obsolescence The

Die resistance of the die: in the process of handling if the operation is not correct or the operation of the equipment is unstable, will cause die-casting resistance does not meet the requirements of the consequences.

Die-casting mold working time: in the course of work, due to many structures do not meet the requirements, resulting in the casting mold toughness and abrasion resistance is seriously reduced, the final use of the time may be very short.