What are the factors to consider when choosing the precision of CNC machine tools?

- Jul 11, 2018-

The precision of CNC machine tools and the precision of machining process are different. They represent the two different concepts of CNC machine tools. One is the machine's own precision and the other is the process precision it processes. These two reasons seem to be irrelevant, but they are also related.

It is wrong to regard the positional accuracy on the manufacturer's sample or on the product certificate as the machining accuracy of the machine tool. The positional accuracy indicated on the sample or certificate is the accuracy of the machine itself, and the machining accuracy is the sum of the errors produced by various factors of the entire process system, including the tolerances allowed by the machine itself. In the selection, the evaluation method of the process capability KP can be referred to as the basis for the selection of the accuracy.

CNC accuracy has a significant impact on the quality of the process. It is important to note that machining accuracy and machine accuracy are two different concepts. The rigidity of the machine tool directly affects the productivity and machining accuracy. The machining speed of the machining center is much higher than that of the ordinary machine tool, and the motor power is also higher than that of the ordinary machine tool of the same specification. Therefore, the rigidity of the structural design is much higher than that of the ordinary machine tool. The order can be checked according to the process requirements, the allowable torque, power, axial force and maximum feed force, according to the values provided by the manufacturer.