What factors affect the quality of die castings

- Jul 10, 2017-

Die casting in the production process, it will inevitably be some substandard products, especially in some enterprises to increase production mainly for the quality of the product is not valued. Endo has been particularly concerned about the quality of die casting production and testing standards, only to understand the impact of the quality of die casting the fundamental factors in order to better produce products. In this to remind the majority of die casting production enterprises, the impact of the quality of die casting can be summarized as the following:


The first is the design of die castings, the premise of the design of die casting is clear what customers are demanding products, and then is the application of the industry, the choice of die casting and production has a certain role in the role. After the die is for the production and processing problems, a qualified die casting should not be a big error in the measurement to be accurate, in the processing can not prevent the emergence of pores, cracks, etc., to prevent the impact of the appearance of die castings. After the group is the process of die-casting process, which is the focus of the impact of die-casting, it is necessary to require the level of technical staff, but also the production equipment decision, the existing domestic die casting production equipment is also very difficult to achieve stable and accurate standards, The accuracy can be controlled within a certain range. We have a more stable and accurate die casting there is still some distance, but since the reasons for finding out, then we should be in the production process through effective measures to prevent.