What is the development of the lead alloy die casting industry?

- Dec 07, 2018-

Due to some factors of the environment, more and more consumers are now using electric vehicles. The battery of electric vehicles is the main equipment, which is a good prospect. Faced with these development trends, we are aware of the importance of aluminum alloy die-casting release agents, and continue to improve on this piece of research and development.

The characteristics of lead alloys are:

1. The surface of the lead alloy produces oxides, sulfides or other complex salt compounds in the process of corrosion, which prevents oxidation, vulcanization, dissolution or volatilization, so it is good in air, sulfuric acid, fresh water and seawater. Corrosion resistance.

2, lead alloy has a low melting point (below 327 ° C), good fluidity, small solidification shrinkage, less melt loss, small composition change during remelting, can cast complex shapes, clear contours, widely used in casting type and production Model, etc.

3, the deformation resistance of lead alloy is small, the ingot can be made into sheet, strip, pipe, bar and wire without rolling, extrusion and other processes without intermediate annealing treatment. In response to the characteristics of the above-mentioned lead alloy die-casting parts, Dinggu has been improving the lead alloy die-casting release agent in order to provide customers with the most satisfactory release effect.