What material is suitable for making die casting molds

- Jul 10, 2017-

Die-casting mold is the production of die-casting, shape to determine the mold, the production process to a certain extent, decided to cast out the practicality of industrial parts. However, to produce such a mold of raw materials is also very important, it determines the durability of the mold, indirectly determine the practicality of spare parts.


In this way, we should know what material is suitable for making die-casting molds?


From its work environment:

Parts processing need to heat treatment, processing, liquefied raw materials into the mold in the stereotypes, indicating that the mold has the advantages of high temperature, can maintain stability in high temperature environment.


The mold is cooled after forming, which also shows that not only high temperature, but also need to repeatedly cool the heating cycle, the case will not break the fracture.


Metal material in the mold, in the form of liquid, there is a certain friction with the mold wall, will lead to damage to the inner wall of the mold, serious industrial accidents may occur.


According to the above working environment of die-casting mold, we can determine its production of materials must have the following properties. High temperature, can withstand the cooling and heating cycle, there is to have impact resistance, wear.