Zinc and aluminum die-casting mold basic process

- Jul 10, 2017-

Zinc-aluminum die-casting mold is a casting process forging a special aluminum die-casting die forging the completion of the process. Here to tell you about the basic process:

Metal liquid first low-speed or high-speed casting filling into the die-casting mold cavity, the mold with the activities of the cavity surface, it is with the metal liquid cooling process forging, both to eliminate the shrinkage of rough shrinkage, Of the internal organization to achieve forging the broken grain. The overall mechanical properties of the blank are remarkably improved. Zinc-aluminum die-casting die is the three major elements of die-casting production, are indispensable. The so-called die-casting process is the three elements of the organic combination of these factors, so that the die can be stable and rhythmically and efficiently produce the appearance, the internal quality of good, size or pattern requirements of the qualified castings, or even high-quality castings The Die-casting molds are made of rugged and durable