How Do Not Destroy The Ground Installation Of Grab Bars

- May 11, 2018-

The general function of Grab Bars is nothing more than the use of old people, inconvenient legs and feet, or hanging of towels and so on. How do you not destroy the toilet handrail on the ground? Let's take a look at the barrier handrails that do not damage the ground.

There is no need to destroy the floor mounted bathroom barrier handrails. And there are many kinds of styles, such as upside down or U type, which are all accessible handrails without damaging the floor. It is equipped with a Grab Bars. It is suggested that the following size is: 700mm, 700-800mm, 1180mm of the handrails, and 850mm from the ground of the basin.

In order to effectively implement the toilet Grab Bars installation method, we must have some bathroom safety small knowledge, because the installation of the safety handrail is very necessary, which can make the Grab Bars in time. So as to avoid the occurrence of tragic accidents.