Causes And Solutions Of Cracks In Die Cast Aluminum

- Nov 11, 2017-

Die Cast Aluminum often appear cracks, when cracks appear, how to solve, first of all, we first understand the reason.

Defect characteristics of Die Cast Aluminum:

1. casting cracks. Along the boundary of development, often accompanied by segregation, is easy to appear in large volume contraction alloy and the complex shape of a casting formed under high temperature crack.

2. heat treatment crack: because of heat treatment overheating or overheating, often appear transgranular crack. The alloy which has more stress and thermal expansion coefficient has been cooled. Or the presence of other metallurgical defects


1. the casting structure design is unreasonable, with sharp angle, the wall thickness change is too wide

2. measures to increase the concession of sand mold (core)

3. ensure the solidification of each part of the casting at the same time or sequence solidification, improve the design of gating system

4. appropriately reducing pouring temperature

5. control mold cooling out time.

6. the hot deformation method is used in the casting deformation.

7. correctly control the heat treatment temperature and reduce the quenching cooling rate.