Causes Of Insufficient Casting Of Aluminum Die Castings And Material Utilization

- Jul 10, 2017-

Aluminum die castings are effective in the process of heating them into liquid aluminum and aluminum alloy poured into the inlet of the die-casting machine, and then in the effective die-casting machine through its die-casting, so that you can cast a mold-limited shape And the size of the aluminum parts.

Aluminum die castings can effectively create complex and well-shaped metal parts, because the molten metal in high pressure and high speed to maintain high mobility, in the course of the use of other methods can be difficult to obtain than other metal parts.

Aluminum die casting material utilization is very high, in use due to its high-speed filling and filling time is short, the rapid solidification of the metal industry, die-casting operation cycle speed. In all kinds of casting process, die-casting method of the highest productivity, suitable for mass production.

Aluminum die casting in the production process is often the case of its lack of casting, the main reason is because the metal type thermal conductivity too fast, plus the low melting point of aluminum, resulting in the flow of aluminum liquid is not filled with cavity Prematurely cooled. The

Aluminum die casting in order to avoid the above situation, in the production of the time, can effectively improve the casting temperature, the use of the mold can be effectively in the necessary heating insulation or spray paint directly inside the mold coating, System, which will make casting more smooth, shorten the filling time;

Aluminum die castings have some requirements on the wall thickness, if the wall thickness is too thin, then to consider the use of other processes, such as die-casting, alloy die casting heat treatment is quenched by the equipment after the solution to get the standard, control heating rate rose to A certain temperature under the temperature of a certain time and to a certain speed of cooling.