Die Casting Construction And Casting Process

- Jul 10, 2017-

Whether the construction of the die casting is reasonable is very important for the quality of the casting and the feasibility and simplicity of the production process. The structure of the die casting is equivalent to the production characteristics of the investment casting, so it is the reasonable structure of the part Example.

In order to effectively ensure the quality of the investment casting, it is often necessary to set the process ribs and holes effectively on the investment casting, so the reference size of the process rib design is the application example of the process hole. The

Die casting can be very complex parts of the casting, in the course of the use of the process in order to improve its production efficiency and improve accuracy, can effectively use the original production of several parts of his assembly and welding parts, after a slight improvement in the structure directly Cast into an investment casting.

Metal casting in the casting process of its pouring temperature should be controlled properly, the pouring temperature is too high so that it will gradually slow down the crystallization of the product, its low mechanical properties such as relatively easy to form pinholes, holes and other defects The

Metal casting if the pouring temperature is too low, this will lead directly to the lack of pouring and cold separation and other defects, so the temperature of the casting according to the casting of its structure and casting the specific characteristics of the specific temperature to control the casting limit lowest.

Aluminum casting process of casting its casting process will directly affect the quality of the casting, casting casting process design and mold design should be set in advance shrinkage, and constantly modify the size of metal molds.