Processing Of Aluminum Die Castings

- Jul 10, 2017-

(1) What is the annealing process? Aluminum alloy castings heated to 300 ℃ up and down, after a period of time, with the furnace cooling to room temperature process known as annealing. Annealing time, the solid solution will be decomposed, the second phase of the particles appear to gather, to remove the casting of the internal stress, so that the size of the casting to maintain stability, to avoid deformation, and enhance the plastic castings.


(2) What is solution treatment? The casting is heated to almost the melting point of the eutectic, and then at such a temperature for a long time, and then quickly cooled, so that the best components can be dissolved, save the high temperature until the room temperature, this process is called solid solution deal with. The solution treatment can enhance the strength and plasticity of the casting and improve the corrosion resistance of the alloy. The effect of solution treatment is usually related to solution treatment temperature, solution treatment holding time, cooling rate of three aspects.


(3) What is aging? The solution after the solution treatment is heated to the set temperature, after a period of time after the baked, placed in the air slowly cooling method is called aging. If the aging effect is done at room temperature that is called natural aging, if the aging effect is higher than the room temperature and insulation for some time after the completion of known as artificial aging. The spontaneous process of supersaturated solid solution decomposition can be used to restore the lattice of the alloy matrix to a relatively stable state.