The Use Of Aluminum Die Castings

- Jul 10, 2017-

Aluminum die castings in the process of polishing or sandblasting process often appear from the skin of the situation, the main reason is that the surface of the product after the impact of high-speed pressure under the impact of the product appears more, so its parts It will appear from the skin of the situation, but also because of the high temperature baking in the case of aluminum die casting surface of the skin from the situation, mainly because of high temperature baking part of the internal pores caused by more.

Aluminum die castings from the skin of the solution

Aluminum die castings appear from the skin of the situation, when the control can be from the die-casting equipment and processing parameters to improve the control, you can adjust the equipment of the amount of injection rate and stroke, the boost need to be capitalized, as far as possible Keep its parts less spray mold release agent, to maintain its mold temperature balance, in the mold design and exhaust to improve.

What are the main uses of aluminum die castings?

Aluminum die casting its main purpose of its areas involved is very wide, such as in the mineral, industrial, oil and other industries are widely used, the highest frequency of use of the product or in the automotive industry, so there are many people to die Listed separately, so the automotive industry and aluminum die castings are inseparable, and sometimes directly into the car die castings.

The casting and storage of aluminum die castings

Aluminum die casting in the production process of its transport to save is a very important procedure, if these two points are not done, then all the work done before will be in vain, so the product must be packaged before the preservation, because the product only packaging Good to be able to transport in the time to achieve better protection, there is a need to paint the product or plating, in the preservation of the product need to put a relatively dry environment.

The main reason for the shrinkage of the aluminum die casting material and the coefficient of thermal expansion is that the mold of the product needs to be taken into account when considering the product. In general, it is also calculated according to its experience. Five to calculate, but the specific structure of the product needs to look at the requirements of the product to be a little higher, in the storage of the use of water should also be to prevent the corrosion of water.