What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Process Of Die Casting?

- Sep 29, 2017-

Die casting has been widely used in all kinds of decoration, such as furniture, building decoration, bathroom accessories, lighting accessories, toys, tie clips, belt buckle, metal buckle, the casting surface quality and higher requirements, has good physical properties and requirements. The common defect of zinc alloy die casting is surface foaming. Defect characterization: a die with a protuberance on its surface. It is found by die casting, polished or treated, shown, injected or plated. Die casting processing

Aluminum Alloy die casting die casting under pressure, must pay attention to the use of alternative, from the mold material, mold design, processing and heat treatment, the service life of die casting, how to improve the service life of the die can be achieved:

1, the selection of high quality die casting materials

2, it is necessary to design reasonable mold wall thickness and die size

3, pay attention to rough processing, stress tempering;

4, the correct use of heat treatment, quenching speed is fast enough

5, thoroughly polish and remove the EDM harassment quality layer

6, there is no highly polished surface

7, to minimize the use of aluminum content, to speed up the injection

8 to ensure proper cooling of the mold, the temperature of the cooling water must be kept between 40 and 50 degrees centigrade