Why Does Aluminum Die Casting Parts Be Deformed?

- Nov 28, 2017-

In the process of production, there will be a variety of problems in the die casting of aluminum alloy, and the deformation of the castings is also one of the many problems. What is the matter?

There are two characteristics of the deformation of the aluminum alloy casting parts: one is the whole or the local deformation, and the two is that the geometry of the die casting is not in conformity with the drawing. The reasons for this situation are: the structure of the casting mold casting lead to premature, bad; rigid enough; the mandril is arranged properly, resulting in the ejection of uneven force; the gate into a misconduct or gate is too thick, easy to deform when local resection gate caused by rough surface; mold resistance, deformation of product ejection mold temperature; too high, resulting in casting is not completely cured, or push out force is too large, the deformation caused by product.

For die casting deformation problem, the solution is an antidote against the disease, such as the improvement of casting structure; adjust the mold and pressure; setting up reasonable ejection position and pole number; changing the position of the gate, the smaller the thickness of the gate; strengthen the mold surface treatment, reduce the stripping resistance; to control the local temperature of the mold and mold to maintain heat balance.